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HowTo: Get currently active version of Xcode

Sometimes knowing the current version of Xcode used to build the stuff from command line becomes a useful intel. Here is the recipe on how to obtain this information in a clean manner. Easiest command would be to call: $ xcodebuild -version That produces output like: Xcode 12.5 Build version 12E262 As an improvement I could use sed to simply extract the number from a line with the Xcode prefix: Read more →

HowTo: Find and mark all FIXME / TODO in Xcode project

This time it won’t be a guide I came up myself from scratch. Recently I joined a totally new Swift project and wanted to quickly understand, what it does. Then I had an idea of navigating and finding issues, that were left there by my fellow previous developers. Those specially marked lines are usually left there and aren’t meant to be brought to light. Mentally they can be ignored for years by their creators. Read more →

Binary XCFramework

During WWDC2019 Apple introduced a new binary package, that AAaaaaaaaaaaa Now, new version of Swift Package Manager can distribute those binary packages. Video and internationalized Creating XCFramework using SwiftPM is impossible today. @obj for non NSObject child classes is supported only from iOS 13.0+ –> Issue with Realm + Obj-C cooperation –> Looking for a good guide about using Swift Packages Manager and examples with Xcode - take a look here. Read more →