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so breaking things happens constantly, but never on purpose

HowTo: Change Docker containers storage location with WSL2 on Windows 10

Once I started playing with Docker on Windows it quickly turned out that latest version heavily rely on WSL 2, in comparison to an older Hyper-V based approach. One thing that changed significantly during this technology transition was lack of a setting screen to actually define the location (and other params), where the containers and downloaded images should be stored. As the space they occupy grows really fast and default is not always the best place for it! Read more →

New PC arises

Plan for today: avoid COVID-19, avoid full lock-down and perform e-learning with my children and myself (with this list). Also as a background task few months ago I started slowly moving towards purchasing my new desktop setup to have something to spare in case of deeper and longer e-learning period. This actually happened and was officially announced last week in Poland (till that I had only the older one with me)! Read more →

Fixing Windows Update “Managed by Organization” in Windows 10 20H2

I did replaced my old PC (with this custom setup), that recently terminated from its service with a brand new one (configuration here). However I have noticed a very strange message displayed on its Windows Update screen, even if Windows 10 Pro 20H2 Edition was installed and activated just minutes earlier: Some settings are managed by your organization (PL: Niektórymi ustawieniami zarządza Twoja organizacja) I am pretty sure I am not a part of any organization, beside my own! Read more →

MS Office 2007 on Windows 10 Pro build 2004

Since my desktop PC is dead now I have installed today Microsoft Office 2007 onto my new NUC i5-8259U machine. So far so good until it triggered and started to pull down all 12k updates that were released thought the last 13 years of this software existence. After installing Service Pack 3 it tried to apply even more updates… exceptionally crazy. All was fine until I have seen following error message, that pierced me to the core: Read more →

Intel NUC i5-8259U

Today I added a marvelous device into my collection - Intel NUC 8th series with i5-8259U CPU (model number: BOXNUC8i5BEH2) from a local reseller. Of course it wouldn’t be me, if I haven’t had problems with it starting from the day 0, even if this equipment is brand new. Please stay with me and I will explain, what went wrong and how I approached and finally fixed it. First and most importantly - let me explain or better just tell, what were the reasons to purchase it. Read more →

Restoration of Twierdza ekhem original Pentium 4 with 3.2GHz clock and only 32-bits

Chapter 1 - History On 12th September in my wardrobe I found another PC from the past. It was my first custom build founded totally by money I earned/received on studies as scholarship for academic performance. It did replaced my old Intel Celeron 400 MHz and at that time was a huge leap forward. Most of my future academic projects were then done using it as a backend. Spec: Intel Pentium 4 3. Read more →

Restoration of Erathia ekhem of T61

Once again I though it would be a good idea and I have looked into my darkest and forgotten closet. What I found there was a nice piece of tech - 13’’ Lenovo ThinkPad T61. I already got lots of good memories associated with this equipment - as this is the first notebook that I started my freelancing with. Yes, it is a pre-2010 machine and it’s even older than multiple times mentioned here my old 13’’ MacBook Pro 2011. Read more →

Fix keyboard in Windows 10 on MacBook Pro (Early 2011)

Due to corona-virus pandemic my kids stayed at home and started distance learning. I was already practicing remote work from longer period and their appearance came as unfunny disturbance. They started occupying my critical devices each morning just to check if something new to do was assigned to them by teachers. I really found this video matching my situation. Then they were playing with some on-line courses… Instead of going and buying some used or post-leasing equipment (as suggested here) I came out with an idea of letting my kids play and do their homeworks on an old MacBook Pro 13’’ from 2011. Read more →

Install Ubuntu Server 19.04 on Windows 10 Hyper-V

I am a really trouble guy and having problems and spending sleepless nights seems quite often to me. But gee, it’s 2019! and still it’s not very obvious, why sometimes it’s so hard to do things that in theory should be so easy. You probably noticed, that I like TeamCity. Since I am going to participate in JetBrain’s latest TeamCity Plugin Contest 2019 I came up with idea of setting up virtual machine with a test instance of the CI, instead of messing up my production one to only test the plugin. Read more →

Enable Android Emulator on Windows 10 Hyper-V

During installation of Android Studio we usually end-up with Android Emulator using Intel HAXM. This is still pretty good virtualization platform. Unfortunately might lead to a clash, since only one virtualization technology could be used at a time. And if you continue using Docker for Windows or any other Hyper-V based virtual machine with Linux system, something will not work (depending, what was launched first). Fortunately Microsoft solved this problem with 1803 release for Windows 10. Read more →