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HowTo: Add NuGet source for TeamCity Agent

Recently I moved away from external NuGet repositories to the one available internally via my Gitea server. Own hosting has always this extra advantage that the space and build-minutes are unlimited. So why not to try this path. Setup was build-in with last release, publishing is similarly easy. Yet I had a small issue, when porting companion TeamCity dependant builds. Suddenly it couldn’t access the NuGet source via System account used on Windows as user running the . Read more →

HowTo: Change Docker containers/images/overlays location on Linux

Yet again, during my engineering journey to the future I was hit by a practical problem. When I tried to build and host a docker image on a small and slow volume (precisely on an old Raspberry 3 that still boots from SD-card), I ended up very disappointed with the final experience. And even though this device seems to be a bit outdated, it’s still ideal for small hobby project with simple API served via FastAPI, Python and PostgreSQL. Read more →

Install Ubuntu Server 19.04 on Windows 10 Hyper-V

I am a really trouble guy and having problems and spending sleepless nights seems quite often to me. But gee, it’s 2019! and still it’s not very obvious, why sometimes it’s so hard to do things that in theory should be so easy. You probably noticed, that I like TeamCity. Since I am going to participate in JetBrain’s latest TeamCity Plugin Contest 2019 I came up with idea of setting up virtual machine with a test instance of the CI, instead of messing up my production one to only test the plugin. Read more →