Coding with Titans

so breaking things happens constantly, but never on purpose

Restoration of Tajfun

Exactly - last week was a good one to fix something. Among all the gray matters that surrounds me I picked up a single task and completed it. It’s really an empowering feeling. I had a hope of restoring my old PC Tajfun from its cyber-grave as it has been more than a quarter since it breathed its last byte. If you’ve read the previous story, you would provably know, that I already took the old and broken Asus motherboard and visited a service workshop. Read more →

Long Live Tajfun

It’s never that bad, it couldn’t get worse. After 2789 days of continuous service my biggest and only desktop PC has died. Unfortunately, it was not a quick and clean death. Nor anything even close to what I have planned. It took the whole week of hiccup and bouncing, yet finally it stopped turning-on on 2020-10-17. Now I have no machine I could use for gaming… working, reading and blogging are the only things left for me via my other mobile equipment! Read more →