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so breaking things happens constantly, but never on purpose

GitLab on Raspberry Pi not updating

I recently noticed that my GitLab installed on Raspberry Pi (running Jessy) stopped updating and stick to version 8.7.9, however the latest one as of today is 8.16.4. Normally apt-get updateand **apt-get upgrade**should do the trick. But it turned out there was a change in the build system and newer packages don’t get uploaded into ‘raspbian’ version of repository. For details - take a look on issue #1303. Although quick patch is following and short: Read more →

OSMC + SMB share with credentials

Yet another day I tried to play a video from an SMB share using OSMC. Must say so – this player is just amazing and works great on Raspberry Pi 2 (although on Pi 1 whole stack was far too slow for HD content). So what could go wrong here? I am a bit paranoid about sharing and access rights. That’s why I setup that share with a dedicated user on a server and guarded with a strong password. Read more →

Windows IoT the wrong way

Few days ago I ordered Raspberry Pi 2 and unboxed it just today. After a lecture of few videos on Channel9 about Microsoft //Build/ 2015 I was very excited and wanted to test the latest Windows 10 for IoT myself. Then I simply hit obstacle after obstacle and wasted more than 10 hours of my life to simply get the image written on microSD card. That was a real nightmare, but maybe because I am not a typical Windows user. Read more →

Mono 3.2.7 HardFloat na Raspberry Pi

W końcu, po tylu latach czekania udało się! Gratulacje dla firmy Xamarin, wreszcie mamy Mono w wersji hardfloat na swoje Raspberry Pi. Jak skompilować i zainstalować tę wersję można poczytać tutaj lub tutaj. Trochę czasu to trwa, trzeba być naprawdę cierpliwym (niemal cały dzień, jeśli robimy to na urządzeniu). Niestety sama kompilacja wymaga też zainstalowania poprzedniej wersji Mono, która hardfloat nie była. Kończymy więc z dwoma wersjami działającymi jednocześnie (stara v2. Read more →