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Enable SSL in Qt 4.8.6

By default any calls done by Qt over HTTPS will fail. This is because the OpenSSL it relies on is not included into the distribution that was installed. All you have to do, to make it work, is to download OpenSSL library for Windows from here and install to any folder (for example: “C:\OpenSSL”). The tiny 3MB package is enough. Then copy the libeay32.dll and libssl32.dll into developed applications folder (the output one) and it will be automatically picked up during startup. Read more →

Configure Qt 4.8.6 in QtCreator 4.5+

Latest version of QtCreator out of the box installs only Qt 5.0+. That’s rather obvious, but what if someone wants to play a bit with previous edition? Yeap v4.8, the one that is almost 4 years old! It is still doable and I will shortly show the way. Move to TL;DR if you are not interested in the background story. You could ask why I wanted to do that in the first place, so here is the reason. Read more →

Qt-4.8 compilation for PlayBook

Although the PlayBook tablet was totally abandoned by BlackBerry long time ago and there are other problems around the company I still wish them well. That’s why I continuously support the BlackBerry Native Development plugin for Visual Studio. Recent additions were about Visual Studio 2015 RC and most notably PlayBook and Qt-4.8.3 support. I hope it will inspire you and myself to write some applications on it. Thankfully lack of support from BlackBerry is the best thing they could do to PlayBook. Read more →