Coding with Titans

so breaking things happens constantly, but never on purpose

Gainward GTX 780 RIP

Really strange things are happening to me recently. And not that long ago I have described, how my old Tajfun PC has ended its service and stopped turning on one day with some agony and warnings. Today I wish to note a fact, that totally unexpectedly my nVidia GTX 780 that was used in the restored machine ended its service and joined the original setup. My kids, who used to play Minecraft there stay in deep grief. Read more →

Restoration of Tajfun

Exactly - last week was a good one to fix something. Among all the gray matters that surrounds me I picked up a single task and completed it. It’s really an empowering feeling. I had a hope of restoring my old PC Tajfun from its cyber-grave as it has been more than a quarter since it breathed its last byte. If you’ve read the previous story, you would provably know, that I already took the old and broken Asus motherboard and visited a service workshop. Read more →

New PC arises

Plan for today: avoid COVID-19, avoid full lock-down and perform e-learning with my children and myself (with this list). Also as a background task few months ago I started slowly moving towards purchasing my new desktop setup to have something to spare in case of deeper and longer e-learning period. This actually happened and was officially announced last week in Poland (till that I had only the older one with me)! Read more →

Long Live Tajfun

It’s never that bad, it couldn’t get worse. After 2789 days of continuous service my biggest and only desktop PC has died. Unfortunately, it was not a quick and clean death. Nor anything even close to what I have planned. It took the whole week of hiccup and bouncing, yet finally it stopped turning-on on 2020-10-17. Now I have no machine I could use for gaming… working, reading and blogging are the only things left for me via my other mobile equipment! Read more →