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so breaking things happens constantly, but never on purpose

macOS privileges on USB drive

Ever since I bought a MacMini 2014 I was dreaming of using it as NAS in my home network. It could potentially serve as well as or build agent or maybe as a TeamCity server, but basic things first. What I needed at the beginning was more space! And I am not talking just about a bit of it, what I had in mind was a huge room to store my personal images, MP3s, yet eBooks and audioBooks collections or art assets purchased on HumbleBundle. Read more →

Remove dotNet Core from macOS

I just realized that several years of .NET Core running on macOS have passed. And during that time I have installed all possible SDK, runtime and patches. Now, most of them are so old I don’t even dare to run them anymore nor write an app against, always staying on the bleeding edge. Let me then proudly present a bash script to remove the unnecessary ones. It was based on the official info on how to do it right. Read more →

Raspberry Pi quick SSH remote access from macOS

Managing a farm of Raspberries can be a difficult task. It becomes even more cumbersome and tiring, if each of them has the ssh-daemon service running on a different port and uses a different administrator account name. So could I login to them quicker / more efficiently without repeating those parameters all the time and most importantly without remembering all their combinations? Like in following command: $> ssh [user]@[hostname.domain] -p [port] user@host's password: . Read more →