Coding with Titans

so breaking things happens constantly, but never on purpose

Raspberry Pi 3 and QEMU

At first glance, it seemed to me to be a really easy task. Install QEMU for Windows, download latest Raspbian and run! Unfortunately after whole evening of tries I still fail to have it usable anyhow. Maybe it’s not totally not running, but still it’s pretty useless in terms of any further development of application without a device. Simply, at current state (as of 2018-02-18) of QEMU, it doesn’t support emulation of the USB controller, and since the whole network relays on it, there are huge connectivity issues (no network interface at all, so no SSH, no tools installation, no file transfers neither). Read more →

OSMC + SMB share with credentials

Yet another day I tried to play a video from an SMB share using OSMC. Must say so – this player is just amazing and works great on Raspberry Pi 2 (although on Pi 1 whole stack was far too slow for HD content). So what could go wrong here? I am a bit paranoid about sharing and access rights. That’s why I setup that share with a dedicated user on a server and guarded with a strong password. Read more →

Restore SD card original size on Windows

Since I play a lot with IoT using my Raspberry Pi – on both – Windows and Raspbian, I ended up holding several SD cards, which don’t report almost any size on Windows. Somehow they are seen only as 70MB disks, even if they originally were 32GB cards. Where are then the missing bytes? Believe me, they are there and it’s simply the partition table (written on top of the SD card) that makes them hidden or treated even as unallocated space. Read more →

Windows IoT the wrong way

Few days ago I ordered Raspberry Pi 2 and unboxed it just today. After a lecture of few videos on Channel9 about Microsoft //Build/ 2015 I was very excited and wanted to test the latest Windows 10 for IoT myself. Then I simply hit obstacle after obstacle and wasted more than 10 hours of my life to simply get the image written on microSD card. That was a real nightmare, but maybe because I am not a typical Windows user. Read more →