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so breaking things happens constantly, but never on purpose

New PC arises

Plan for today: avoid COVID-19, avoid full lock-down and perform e-learning with my children and myself (with this list). Also as a background task few months ago I started slowly moving towards purchasing my new desktop setup to have something to spare in case of deeper and longer e-learning period. This actually happened and was officially announced last week in Poland (till that I had only the older one with me)! Read more →

Intel NUC i5-8259U

Today I added a marvelous device into my collection - Intel NUC 8th series with i5-8259U CPU (model number: BOXNUC8i5BEH2) from a local reseller. Of course it wouldn’t be me, if I haven’t had problems with it starting from the day 0, even if this equipment is brand new. Please stay with me and I will explain, what went wrong and how I approached and finally fixed it. First and most importantly - let me explain or better just tell, what were the reasons to purchase it. Read more →

Asus P8Z77-V, Intel ethernet i BSOD w Windows 8

Nowy komputer to nowe problemy do rozwiązania. Dziwne, że to urządzenie miało w zamyśle twórcy służyć ich rozwiązywaniu ;) Najpierw zasilacz okazał się niestabilny i za każdym razem, gdy w systemie wzrastało zapotrzebowanie na moc, restart! Później, po kilku dniach zabawy z Windows 8, niespodziewanie oczom moim ukazały się dość częste BSOD (dla niewtajemniczonych, Blue Screen of Death, niebieski ekran śmierci w Windows). Otóż płyta Asus P8Z77-V Pro posiada kontroler sieci LAN Intel 82579V. Read more →