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so breaking things happens constantly, but never on purpose

Gainward GTX 780 RIP

Really strange things are happening to me recently. And not that long ago I have described, how my old Tajfun PC has ended its service and stopped turning on one day with some agony and warnings. Today I wish to note a fact, that totally unexpectedly my nVidia GTX 780 that was used in the restored machine ended its service and joined the original setup. My kids, who used to play Minecraft there stay in deep grief. Read more →

HowTo: Downgrade BIOS for Gainward GTX570

It bothered me for a very long time since I fixed my PC - why is StarCraft 2 so slow on Gainward GTX570? I remembered this card to be kinda good. And my suspicious about something being wrong with my setup escalated quickly when I found an older Gainward GTX275, which was performing astonishingly better than the current one. Yes - smooth Medium with 30fps is still far better than Very Low and 12-15fps. Read more →