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HowTo: Add NuGet source for TeamCity Agent

Recently I moved away from external NuGet repositories to the one available internally via my Gitea server. Own hosting has always this extra advantage that the space and build-minutes are unlimited. So why not to try this path. Setup was build-in with last release, publishing is similarly easy. Yet I had a small issue, when porting companion TeamCity dependant builds. Suddenly it couldn’t access the NuGet source via System account used on Windows as user running the . Read more →

HowTo: Change Docker containers/images/overlays location on Linux

Yet again, during my engineering journey to the future I was hit by a practical problem. When I tried to build and host a docker image on a small and slow volume (precisely on an old Raspberry 3 that still boots from SD-card), I ended up very disappointed with the final experience. And even though this device seems to be a bit outdated, it’s still ideal for small hobby project with simple API served via FastAPI, Python and PostgreSQL. Read more →

HowTo: MariaDB in Docker on Raspberry Pi

Originally I wanted to replace my very old Synology NAS (from 2011 with 4 HDD drives) with something newer. Then after listing, why I would need it in the first place - I realized I could immediatelly unplug the power out of it, if only I have had transferred a single service out of it - folder synchronization. This is the way I easily move my docs between macOS, PC and mobile and somehow I never trusted free services like OneDrive, Google Drive nor DropBox to do this job. Read more →

HowTo: Change Docker containers storage location with WSL2 on Windows 10

Once I started playing with Docker on Windows it quickly turned out that latest version heavily rely on WSL 2, in comparison to an older Hyper-V based approach. One thing that changed significantly during this technology transition was lack of a setting screen to actually define the location (and other params), where the containers and downloaded images should be stored. As the space they occupy grows really fast and default is not always the best place for it! Read more →

Docker image for Android CI

And the day has finally came. Turned out my docker image for Continuous Integration to build Android native apps doesn’t work anymore. Honestly, it wasn’t even my fault. At first glance the OS was OK, Android SDK was also OK, but then fastlane installation was not happy about something. And that little something turned out to be a real PAIN … in my arm! Ruby ta-da-da-tam! But how was that? Read more →