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HowTo: Add CocoaPods private ZIP file as dependency

As an iOS developer you often hear about dependencies management. Looking into this subject deeper quickly leads towards CocoaPods and Carthage as two very popular solutions, yet build with totally different mindsets and assumptions. First one is a centralized solution, with full list of existing potential dependencies, while the latter one simply downloads the GitHub repo locally and builds it or only references the prepared binaries. And even if I like and used Carthage in my previous projects, I had to put it on hold for some time, because of its lack of support of XCFrameworks and in general the Xcode 12 style of development. Read more →

Multiple parallel authentications in ASP.NET Core 3.x

One day you write an application and all seems to go smoothly and quickly. The other day you have a brilliant idea, new improvement that was bothering you for very long time. Even due to world global pandemic (ironic, right?) you finally found a free slot to implement it! Then you got immediately blocked, stopped and wasting whole day on browsing the Internet looking for a solution. You start experimenting, playing with the technology/framework/library and finally you open the documentation and read the manual. Read more →