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Windows 10 Wake up on LAN

After recent upgrade to Windows 10 Fall Creators Update my wake-on-lan feature of the desktop PC stopped to work. It was not very surprising, as most of the settings during such a big OS update usually goes to defaults.

Here are two simple steps to restore it. Only two - as I already had it enabled in my UEFI BIOS on the motherboard and also installed drivers for my build-in Intel network card 82579V. However I am not sure, if this driver update is required at all and the default Microsoft’s one will suffice. Anyway:

  • Launch Device Manager and navigate to Network Adapters. Then on Power Management tab of the network card enable all “wake up” options. Also on Advanced tab enable Magic Packet.

Enabling Magic Packet (Win PL)

  • Navigate to Control Panel, then go into Power Options and on the left side click Choose what the power buttons do. After that go into Change settings that are currently unavailable. Finally uncheck (disable) fast-startup mode to let the PC respect the network device power settings (set in previous step).

Disabling fast-startup (Win PL)

That’s all what is needed!