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Xiaomi Mi Fit hang at 100% synchronization

Another day another issue… this time related to Xiaomi software and hardware. Please let it stop! I must admit I am really unlucky guy recently.

Sync 100% hang

Last week (on 2020-10-25) my Mi Band 4 simply refused synchronization with the Mi Fit app on iOS. There was no warning, nothing, my 90-days long achievement got broken. Device was working fine until that day. It was paired fine. It was even able to display current footsteps on the main app screen, battery level was shown correctly, weather info too, but because of an unknown reason data was not further pushed to Health App nor any of the charts were updated. It’s continuously spinning the wheel displaying 100% sync progress. Waiting 1 min, 5 mins, 30 mins, a week, nothing changes!

Sync 100% hang after a week

Maybe, just maybe, Mi Band has so small memory that it can hold only last 90 successful goals or measurements? Don’t know. There are bugs inside the app (like: I can’t still see the measured historical distances, but that’s not so frustrating).

What I did, what [Failed]?

  • reset Mi Band
  • reset my iPhone
  • removed pairing from Settings > Bluetooth, then paired again (trying to unpair the device via the app was triggering the sync, that hand like 10mins timeout, what I haven’t done)
  • reinstalled the Mi Fit application (clearing all local data)
  • send a support request via the app, attached all logs and screenshots to Xiaomi - after a week totally no reply!
  • left 1-⭐ review in App Store!

What finally worked [Successfully]?

  • reset Mi Band to factory settings and pair it again!

However the achieved record is lost in this scenario… better that then no history at all.

Let’s see. I hope I won’t write similar post in the next 90 days!