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MacBook Pro Late 2011 new charger

That’s right, it’s late 2020 and my kids inherited and are very happy to still use this little gem - MacBook Pro from 2011. This equipment has it’s own history as I did upgraded it several times during its lifetime by installing Windows 10 on it, placing more RAM, fixing keyboard issues and even inserting 2nd SSD (instead of the optical DVD drive).

But as times fly, there are materials that didn’t age nicely. And I am talking about you - rubber around charger cable. Sorry, I wish to avoid any potential electrical shock in the future!

Broken Apple charger cable

Broken Apple charger zoom

Even cheap chinese replacement purchased in 2011 got the same rubber defect:

Broken cable of replaced image

It can’t be renewed easily or even at all without placing new order on Apple Shop. Although cost there ($79) is half of the price of this whole MacBook nowadays.

Cable alone can be ordered on, then there is some manual work left like crunching the charger to solder it internally. Unfortunately I am not that technically good to do it myself. Instead I looked around to find a well-looking solution, that won’t require such a drastic moves. Still used ones that I could find on were extremely expensive and didn’t guarantee the rubber quality in a near future.

That’s why finally I turned into Green Cell AD03 replacement (also available here). Funny thing is that they had removed this product from Green Cell website, while I was writing this post, preventing me from linking it here. Nevertheless this charger does it job, is brand new and I hope the rubber will stay fresh for next few years.

Green Cell AD03

All the best!