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Gitea on Raspberry Pi with no heatmap refreshed

In the times before private repositories were available for free on I had my own git-server installed on a NAS using gitolite. But in a long run I stopped liking managing from console and also I don’t like, when some other corporation looks into my own hidden projects and could be able to cut me off.

As a result I migrated again, this time installing Gitea on a Raspberry Pi following this marvelous guide. This is a really great solution for low powered device (comparing mostly to GitLab, which I tried the same time and which consumes whole RAM of Raspberry within one day and stops working at all even SSH deamon, then only removing power-plug works). As another step to increase stability and reliability I connected SSD drive via USB and configured it to store repositories on it. Somehow I don’t trust microSD cards in staying OK for a long run as a base for OS and data at the same time. Only frequent backups onto another disc connected in parallel convinced me.

Few things were, however, not working as expected:

  • user’s activity heatmap was not updated at all
  • repository size was not updated
  • empty repository’s home-page was also not changed, when new commits were pushed.

Finally, after long search I spot the issue-3458. And the fix turned out to be so simple. I missed mounting the SSD partition with exec flag and it removed all mentioned problems! Now the entry inside /etc/fstab looks like following:

PARTUUID="xxxxxxxxx" /volumes/gonzo ext4 defaults,auto,users,rw,exec 0 0

Again, sun is shining again. Perfect!