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Gainward GTX 780 RIP

Really strange things are happening to me recently. And not that long ago I have described, how my old Tajfun PC has ended its service and stopped turning on one day with some agony and warnings. Today I wish to note a fact, that totally unexpectedly my nVidia GTX 780 that was used in the restored machine ended its service and joined the original setup. My kids, who used to play Minecraft there stay in deep grief. This card broken in a way, where suddenly it started to continously reboot the machine every time Windows 10 was supposed to increase the resolution and show the login screen. It was not capable of display 2k video, sometimes was OK for FullHD, but always everything lead to BSOD:

nVidia BSOD

Source problem: nvlddmkm.sys

I tried to update BIOS of the motherboard, VBIOS of the card itself (as I was still able to run the PC with stable low-level resolution in BIOS or in Windows Recovery mode). But no matter, what I did (reinstalled Windows 10, replaced the PSU, changed cables, changed monitor), it was always crashing and restarting the machine, every time higher resolution was expected.

Thankfully, not that long ago I have presented here a way on how to make the old nVidia GTX 570 work on Windows 10 with FullHD. Who would have though at that time that I will actually need to use this downgrade (especially when graphics card prices are still so sick these days!).

Yet, disabled UEFI boot (as this card doesn’t support it; CMS-only) and here I am, with my brand old GTX 570 from 2010! At least PC boots and it’s far better that the only available GTX 730 or GTX 1030 models.

Enjoy your weekend too.