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Free courses during COVID19 pandemic

Because of the COVID-19 we are all locked in our houses since a month. There can't be a better investment during that time, then learning a new skill that will stay with us after it's all over. So hear me, my friends in tech and please let me share this condensed list of totally free resources to become a better developer and system architect. Enjoy, learn and stay healthy!

Video and online courses

  1. PluralSight - #FreeApril - 1 month only (already expired!)

    or unlimited access to Microsoft Azure training courses

  2. Distributed Systems from Udi Dahan

  3. Courses bundle from Roy Osherove

  4. Unity Premium (3 months)

  5. Introduction to Flutter from Angela Yu

  6. Udacity

  7. Bottega YT Channel

  8. JetBrains TV YT Channel

  9. Reverse Engineering & Web Hacking - Resources by Azeria, also Workshop#1, Workshop#2, here and here.

  10. Embedded Online Conference - Thanks to Azeria - register for free with AZERIA code

  11. Build a Compiler on YT or live at from Immo Landwerth

  12. Android Developer YT Channel

  13. Reversing Android Apps

  14. Channel9 of Microsoft

  15. PyCon session of Nina Zakharenko

  16. Python Programming

  17. Beginners Guide to React from Kent C. Dodds

  18. Angular Course from Asim Hussain

  19. Svelte3 from Łukasz Łakomy

  20. FOSDEM 2020 - Ada/RUST/compilers/OSS/GameDev/Security

  21. Learning Ghidra from stacksmashing

  22. SuperHexagon + Ghidra - CarterSande

  23. Applied Reverse Engineering, Assembly, Exceptions, Stack

  24. SysInternals DVDs from 2006

  25. Kotlin Inline Functions, Kotlin Suspend, Kotlin Coroutines, Kotlin Coroutines with Room

  26. Android DevSummit 2019

  27. Own VS Code extension (PL)

  28. Reversing Go lang binaries - Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

  29. Akademia (PL) from Mirosław Burnejko (and company)

  30. DevUpgrade (PL) - Jakub Pilimon & Sławomir Sobótka



  2. Google Site Reliability Engineering

LAST UPDATED: 2020-05-20