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Enable Android Emulator on Windows 10 Hyper-V

During installation of Android Studio we usually end-up with Android Emulator using Intel HAXM. This is still pretty good virtualization platform. Unfortunately might lead to a clash, since only one virtualization technology could be used at a time. And if you continue using Docker for Windows or any other Hyper-V based virtual machine with Linux system, something will not work (depending, what was launched first).

Fortunately Microsoft solved this problem with 1803 release for Windows 10. Since this version there is additional Windows component, called “Windows Hypervisor Platform”, that essentially allows running another virtualization environment on top of Hyper-V.

Of course to enable it, your PC has to match Hyper-V hardware requirements. It should be pretty easy (as my i7-3770 from 2013 still matches it!). Simply navigate to Control Panel, enter Programs, then Turn Windows features on or off and enable mentioned “Hyper-V” and “Windows Hypervisor Platform”. Here is also official Microsoft guide.

Enable Hyper-V Hypervisor

Once you confirm and the whole Windows upgrade process completes, you are ready to go.