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Converged Visual Studio platform

With the recent announcement of Visual Studio 2015 RC you, as a developer, are now able to write applications targeting iOS, Android and of course all kinds of Windows platforms, web and cloud. I am also pretty solid, you will be happy to hear, you can make your applications run on BlackBerry devices (including PlayBook!) as well. I just recently updated integration of the BlackBerry Native Development plugin with latest version of Visual Studio, so you can stick to your favorite IDE and continue coding without lowering your productivity. Grab it directly from Visual Studio Gallery, to be always up-to-date, when new releases are published in the future.

Notice that this plugin supports wide range of Visual Studio versions, from 2010 till the most recent ones now.

The current state includes features like:

  • dedicated “New Project” and “New Project Item” New Project wizard preview New Project Item wizard preview

  • automatic MSBuild update (without manual plumbing) on new version releases MSBuild notification

  • GDB integration GDB preview

  • IntelliSense support Runtime IntelliSense preview

  • Qt 4.8.3 for PlayBook support via dedicated set of NuGet packages

  • QML basic colorizing support Runtime QML colorizing preview

  • device browsing support Device browser preview

  • dedicated settings to tune all aspects of project build and deployment Project settings preview Global settings preview

  • support for C++0x and C++11 features (limited to OpenGL applications)

  • and much more!

This package provides Native SDK, Qt and Cascades support inside Visual Studio for PlayBook and BlackBerry 10 devices. It encapsulates whole development cycle - from developer registration, via coding, deployment, debugging, until the final release to AppWorld marketplace.

There are for sure some bugs or things you could wish to be improved. So don’t hesitate and let me know about it. You can always contact me directly, twitter @CodeTitans or submit a feature request on project’s website. Please only take into account, this project is not sponsored by any company (BlackBerry nor Microsoft in particular) and I do it only in my spare time, when not working for food!