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HowTo: Enable Android Developer Options on Philips TV

Finally, at some point in application development cycle there is a need to test it on a big screen. Four months ago we started playing with Philips 55PUS7502/12. Big enough to see all the details. So how to get started?

  1. Press Settings on the remote and navigate to Settings > All settings > Android Settings.


  2. Open System Information.

    System Information

  3. Click 7 times on Compilation version.


    This should enable “Developer Options”. We just crossed half of the way.

  4. Open Developer Options.

    Developer Options

  5. Enable USB Debugging.

    USB Debugging

  6. Switch back from the TV to development machine and try to create a connection. You might need to make sure both are inside the same local network and tweak the IP of the TV accordingly.

    $> adb connect
    connected to

    This should trigger authentication request on TV itself. Unfortunately it happened many times, that the dialog did not appeared or was somewhere below played content. TV must be rebooted first.

  7. Reboot TV.

  8. Accept future connections from the development machine.

    Accept key

And done!